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2020 LowDown Showdown

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6th Annual ASHRAE LowDown Showdown
Building Description

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General Description:

The new mixed-use building will be a multi-story residential building which includes retail space, full-service restaurant(s) and residences. Specifically, it will include 12 stories of residential space (including amenities), 2 ground floors of mixed retail and restaurant as well as a restaurant on the top floor with indoor and outdoor space.

The new building will be designed for efficiency and sustainability in the short term as well as the long term with an emphasis on reducing carbon emissions to yield a carbon neutral or near carbon neutral building. The teams will need to also consider how their design will work in 50 years time using worst case climate predictions.

General Design Requirements:

  • Disaster Management and Durability– The building should function as a refuge during man-made and natural disasters, so that future climate events do not affect the short and long term usability of the building.
  • Safety & Security – The building should provide a safe and secure environment where residents and visitors alike feel safe and welcomed.
  • Sustainability – The design and construction should take into account the long-term life cycle issues of the building so that the success of the building not only depends on initial systems and materials decisions (first costs) but also on the proper long-term operation and maintenance over the life of the facility.
  • Carbon Neutrality:  The building should be Near Carbon Neutral or Carbon Neutral
  • Health and Wellness:  The building should provide an indoor environment that is high quality allowing employees to be comfortable and productive. The architecture of the building should be creative and innovative. Also, the systems responsible for indoor air quality should provide consistent and controllable temperature as conditions change based on location in the building, activity and time of day.

Carbon Emissions

Taking a page from New York City’s Climate Mobilization Act, a main feature of the competition this year will be designing a building that is carbon neutral or near carbon neutral. To reach this goal, the design teams must consider the following:

  • Carbon emissions of the utility grid in 2025 and 2050 to estimate the carbon emissions now and further into the future
  • The impacts of future climate conditions
  • The building does not have to be zero carbon; however, preference will be given to submissions which are as close to zero carbon as possible.

Full Building Description and Design Requirements


Competition Resources

pdf_icon.png 2020 LowDown Showdown FAQs

pdf_icon.png Poster Template

ppt.png PPT Template

page-excel-icon.gifResults Spreadsheet

2020 LDSd Judging Criteria

Category Definitions
  1. Carbon Neutral Approach / Energy Efficiency:  Performance metrics as recorded on the Results Template and validity of results
  2. Innovative Approaches:  Inclusion of one or more of the following:
    1. Integrated Design
    2. New Technology
    3. Embodied Carbon
  3. Creativity: Originality of solution and design; new approaches for using modeling tools.
  4. Sustainability/Durability:  Long term viability of the building and ability to withstand disaster level events. 
  5. Indoor Environmental Quality:  Features that provide for occupant comfort, health and wellness.
  6. Workflow and Teamwork:  Overview of tools and processes, demonstrated problem solving and creative workarounds; collaboration among disciplines (architecture, engineering, modeling, etc.).
  7. Presentation: Effective use of time and presenter(s) clearly articulate concepts, process and results. Presentation includes clear and visually impactful graphic elements (slides, charts, illustrations, etc.) 
Round 1 Judging:  Category Importance Weighting
  1. Carbon Neutral Approach/Energy Use 30%
  2. Creativity 20%
  3. Innovative Approaches 15%
  4. Indoor Environment 15%
  5. Sustainability/Durability 10%
  6. Workflow and Teamwork 10%
Round 2 Judging

Round 2 judging will include the scoring from Round 1 and will also evaluate other factors such as the presenter’s effective use of time and impactful visual elements. Round 2 judging will take place at the conference by an independent panel of industry expert judges.  The Fan Favorite will also be selected at the conference by live polling of the audience. 

  • 1st Place Winner – 1st Place Ribbon.  Free Registration for the 2020 BPAC Conference for each member of the winning team and certificate.
  • Runner Up:  Runner Up Ribbon.  50% off registration for the 2020 BPAC Conference for each team member and certificate
  • Fan Favorite:  Fan Favorite Ribbon
  • Honorable Mentions:  Honorable Mention Ribbons will be awarded for outstanding examples of innovation, integration and creativity.

Congratulations to the 2020 ASHRAE LowDown Showdown Winners!